Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Want a delicious, easy, and customizable breakfast that will pack in some nutrients without too many calories? I sure do! And thankfully all it takes is a slice of bread, an egg, some cheese, and a few veggies! That is right, I’m taking about an open-faced sandwich!

Sandwiches are versatile, and if you build them right then they are satisfying and healthy. I have a basic formula for most of my breakfast sandwiches:1 slice bread (I highly recommend 40-50 calories a slice) + 3/4 ounce cheese + 1/2 cup leafy greens + 1 egg. Out of this formula, you can easily make a sandwich for 250 calories or less. Pair that with some fruit or yogurt, and you start your day out right!

Below is an example of a sandwich I have all the time! Creamy goat cheese and fresh, tender spinach are piled on top of lightly toasted bread, and finished off with a easy-over egg. When you bite into it, gooey and rich egg yolk mixes with the goat cheese to create a slightly salty, tangy sauce that is to die for! Yum!

So why not try waking up tomorrow and making yourself a sandwich for a change, and ditch the boring morning routine!

Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Serves 1       Calories/Serving: about 250 (varies depending on bread)


  • 1 slice whole-wheat bread
  • Cooking Spray
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2c baby spinach
  • 3/4oz fresh goat cheese, flavored if wanted


  1. Toast bread. While bread is toasting, cook egg in a small pan coated with cooking spray (you can cook it any way you like, but I like over-easy). Place spinach on toasted bread, and top with egg and crumbled goat cheese. Devour!

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Eva Rosenberg

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