Meaty Dill

Meaty Dill
When I posted the Fish and Dill many months ago, I got quite the respond for it. One of the visitors told us he added the fish and dill in his restaurant after the big success at his home. It’s amazing how we are connected through internet and inspire each other.

People who were not fans of fish wrote to us how to use other protein instead of fish. We said “go a head! Any meat is absolutely perfect! For vagans, use big chunks of eggplants, or your favourite veggies is absolutely delightful.��?

One of my favourite ways is really with hearty and juicy beef. In Thailand, my mom would add raw papaya or bamboo shoot in this, too. I love the rustic taste with the lightness of dill against the richness of meat. We enjoy this dish with hot stick rice or jasmine rice with some hot golden omelet on the side.

Beef with Dill

Ingredients: (4 servings)

500 gm beef-sliced (you can use any kind…fish, chicken, lamb, etc.)

200 gm luffa- sliced

A big bunch dills- sliced into 2 inches long

5-8 cloves garlic

2 stalks lemongrass- sliced

5 shallots

2 red chili

2 tbsp fish sauce

1/2 tsp salt

How to Cook:

Add beef slices into the pot over the medium heat.

Roughly pound garlic, shallots, lemon grass, chili, salt, and throw them in the pot.

Add fish sauce and stir until the juicy of beef come out.

Add about 2 cup of water or chicken stock and cook for 20 minutes or until the beef is tender.

Add luffa and cook further for few minutes or until soften.

Add dills and quickly stir for one minute and remove from the heat.

Check the seasoning and serve with some hot rice.

The meat is tender and the flavours and textures of all ingredients are complemented! It’s very delicious and healthy.

Take care,

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Eva Rosenberg

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