Wild Mango Yogurt Dessert

Wild Mango Yogurt Dessert
A few months ago, my husband asked me to post summer recipes featuring mango as the main ingredients in our blog but I was so caught up with other thing else, when I actually wanted to cook them, the beautiful mango was already vanished from the markets.

When I saw some rare wild mangoes in the local market last week, I realized we still had a tiny chance of sharing our mango recipe on our blog.

There is a delicious yogurt base dessert in India called Shrikhand made with strained yogurt, sugar and the additions of fruits pulp or dried fruits. Shrikhand is very creamy and sweet, so it is a perfect add to the Thali (Spicy Indian meal plate) as it balances out the savoury and spicy flavour on the plate.

One of the most popular flavour in Shrikhand is mango. The fresh and sweet flavour of mango swirls in the rich texture of thick yogurt so beautifully. Traditionally, people use Alphonso mango in this dessert, as the gorgeous fragrance of it unfurls in the dense cream while the smooth pulp adds natural, sharp sweetness.

Wild mango has a wonderful mix of sweet and citrusy flavour, I feel that it gives more rustic and earthy scents to the dessert. The fruit doesn’t have the smooth texture but very stringy, so I strained the pulp through the fine sift before adding to the strained yogurt. The was so organic, rich, and indulging.

Wild Mango Yogurt Dessert

Ingredients: (4-5 servings)

5 cup organic natural yoghurt

2-3 tbsp sugar or to taste

1 cup mango pulp (peel and cut mango into small pieces, press mango through a fine sift to extract the pulp and discard the strings)

1/2 tsp cardamom powder- optional

Some pomegranate for garnishing


  1. Strain yogurt through a cheese cloth until most liquid is drained off. Tight the cloth and hang with pressure pressing down the yogurt for several hours to ensure most liquid is dripped away.
  2. Stir sugar and mango pulp in the yogurt until sugar dissolve. It should be thick and smooth. Add cardamom powder if you like.
  3. Chill in refrigerator and garnish with pomegranate before serve.

Our wild mango yogurt dessert was very rich, creamy, and sweet. The exotic and wild fragrance of the mango gave an earthy-mix in this luscious dessert. The sweetness purled in our mouth while the mellow smoothness dissolved in our tongues. The crunchy and juicy pomegranate rubies exploded the sassy sweetness even more when we accidently bite them. We couldn’t wait to make this some more…


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