Nutella & Filo Wrapped Banana With Toasted Coconut

Nutella & Filo Wrapped Banana With Toasted Coconut

A Love Story: Nutella, meet Banana. Banana, meet Nutella.  Together at last. And then they found a lawyer and adopted some toasted coconut. The End. Freaking delicious. Look, I know it’s not normal to look at a banana and declare that you’re going to smother it in Nutella and then wrap it in filo such that it resembles a poorly executed tribute to a yet-to-be-determined hazelnut-loving fertility god. I didn’t intend for it to be so…phallic. I originally intended for it to look like a banana wrapped in filo. You see, my dears, I went against the rules and tried to wrap a banana–as is–in filo, and this was the result:

Ugliest picture to ever grace this blog. Small in size to protect your virtue.

Not pretty, right? I quickly learned that a slight adjustment in both the angle and curvature of the banana made all the difference (as such adjustments ought to do). My adventurous spirit triggered the ultimate success: an easy peasy suggestive dessert, sure to lighten up everyone’s mood (regardless of one’s tendency to live in the gutter).

Nutella & Filo Wrapped Banana with Toasted Coconut

Cooked banana does not look pretty.

1 Banana

2 Tbsp. Nutella

2 sheets filo dough, thawed

3 Tbsp. coconut

melted butter

Toast your coconut! Put it in a frying pan, heat on low, moving around every minute or so until browned.  Lay out a sheet of filo, and brush it with butter. Lay the second sheet over it, and brush with butter. From short side to short side (you know, the length of the dough), slather a line of Nutella down the middle. Sprinkle with coconut. Take your banana and straighten it out a little bit, but don’t break it in half. Lay it over your filling. Gently fold the top of the dough over the banana. Brush butter on any dry pieces to prevent breakage. Fold in the sides and brush more butter on any exposed dry pieces. Now continue to gently roll until banana is sealed up. Brush the outside of the package and place on baking sheet. Bake for approximately 10 minutes in an oven preheated to 350F. Cover with foil if it browns too quickly. Eat up!

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