Whole Wheat Anzac Cookies

Whole Wheat Anzac Cookies

I have wiped out any trace of baking on this blog, but now that the last leg of baking for the cookbook is over I started craving for sweet cookies again. Who would have thought cookies could be so addictive! I tried to justify that a small piece is ‘essential’ for my elevenses and 4 pm break, to keep me awake from the mental fatigue ( job! patients!).

One fine weekend recently, I took out the cookie sheet. Melted the butter. Scooped out the whole wheat flour. And weighed the rolled oats. One special ingredient followed, as in spite of how healthy these Anzac cookies are with whole wheat and oats, I simply will not skimp on this vital stuf that makes them traditionally Anzac.

The golden syrup.

Isn’t it funny, as golden syrup is quintessentially British, yet these cookie found its first home in Australia and New Zealand,. They were originally made to be sent to Australia and New Zealand Army Corp serving in Gallipoli. They are chewy and sturdy, perfect for care packages and last for months, if you can keep them that long that is.

I am not a big fan of dessicated coconut, so I have reduced the amount to the bare minimum, yet upped the rolled oats by a notch. If you crave for some cookies, make these now. With no mixer needed, and only 2 bowls for liquid and dry ingredients they are ready in no time.

I made them when my little girl was having her nap, and less than an hour later she woke up to the wonderful smell of golden syrup scented cookies , freshly warm from the oven. A grumpy toddler after a brief nap was quite a challenge, but a couple of cookies and sips of milk later, all was good and life wass wonderful!

Whole Wheat Anzac Cookies
adapted from BBC GF, original recipe here120g rolled oats
50g unsweetened dessicated coconut
100 g whole wheat flour
90g castor sugar
100g unsalted butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
1tsp bicarbonate soda

1. Preheat the oven at 180C.
2. Combine rolled oats, dessicated coconut, flour and sugar in a bowl.
3. Melt the butter until almost brown, and add in the golden syrup.
4. Mix the bicarbonate soda with 2 tbsp water and splash into the butter. ( active soda should be bubbling at this point).
5. Stir in the liquid ingredients into the flour mix and combine well.
6. Scoop spoonful of the cookie mix on greased or lined cookie sheet. Flatten the top slightly.
7. Bake for 12 minutes or until golden in colour.

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