Salim- Thai Colorful Vermicelli Dessert

Salim- Thai Colorful Vermicelli Dessert
Winter swept the cold breeze through my window every morning. We wished to stay warmed in the bed as much as we could, but the busy schedule of a day ahead dragged me out of the warm blanket. Rice soup is always the idea breakfast this season, the comforting and warmness dispersed from the stove hurling us to the table. I wanted to have the pot of curry simmering over my stoves all days, that way my home would always be so embraced and cozy.

Dessert wasn’t always a steady menu in our family. We weren’t much of sweet tooth people. I bake cakes, make ice- cream and fill my home with sweets time-to-time. Leftover chocolate cake from our favourite bakery sits in refrigerator, there are pudding and mousse in the pantry, or otherwise we would survive on slices of fruit drenching in Bavarian custard. It is pretty obvious, when it comes to dessert, I cheat!

That leads me to introduce you to one of many dessert tricks. A Salim Vermicelli, a traditional refreshing Thai dessert otherwise required the expert hands in the delicate procedure is conveniently available in the light package. Salim vermicelli is made with mung bean starch colored and infused with natural food extracts and pressed into the smooth thin and fragile noodle. Salim vermicelli in sweeten coconut milk with some crushed ice floating on top is an instant poising delight.

So here is my delightful illusion. I don’t even know how to make Salim from scratch, but this instant Salim package has never fail me. As per package instruction, I only need to add boiling water to the vermicelli, and in 5 minutes the sparkling flimsy vermicelli immerged. It is so frail and delicate. Within the package, there is also a sweeten coconut powder with aromatic, exotic fragrance. This too, only needs hot water to transform into the nectar-y creamy syrup.

From the package to the tip of our tongues was about 5 minutes. It came from the package, yet carried with it the taste of home. It was so sweet, light and refreshing. This whimsical soupy dessert is so good that nobody will have just one, but not to worry it can magically be fixed in 5 minutes.


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