Olive Hummus Wrap With Avocado And Cucumber

Olive Hummus Wrap With Avocado And Cucumber
Hummus is an Arabic word for chickpeas but are usually made with sesame paste (tahini), lemon juice, garlic, and salt. My son is allergic to sesame seeds so store-bought hummus never make it to our household. I make hummus at home without sesame and I need to enhance the flavor with other ingredients.I try to encourage my kids to choose healthier options for their meals and many a times fancy names attract my kids more than the food themselves. Chickpeas which are good source of protein and dietary fiber are often neglected by me as I have to remember to soak the dried legumes 8 to 10 hours prior and I’m not an overly organized gal to remember such nitty-gritty details. I always have canned chickpeas in my pantry for days I go through such memory lapse.

I love cooking but the “what to cook” is something I hate to ponder. So my family takes upon themselves to shoot me with choices according to their taste palate and they rarely point in the same direction. Each firm on their choice gets disappointed if their choice is not the chosen one. So each gets to choose a meal of their choice. Today’s lunch box recipe was chosen by my son who loves wrap in any form. My mommy meter was on lookout for making it healthier instead of just cheese, hence the hummus and other vegetables in the wrap. They tend to gobble a good serving of vegetables without realizing and the hummus with its nice creamy texture adds to the flavor. I love when my kids come with finished lunch boxes and exclaim that they loved it. Goal accomplished. Enjoy!!!


Olive Hummus Wrap with Avocado and Cucumber


    • For Hummus

    • Garbanzo Beans (15 oz can) — 1
    • Sliced Black Olives — 1 small can
    • Garlic Pods — 1
    • Salt — to taste
    • Lemon Juice — 2 Tbsp
    • Olive Oil — 1 Tbsp
    • Crushed paprika / Crushed Black Pepper — 1 tsp

For Hummus Wrap

  • Tortillas — as needed
  • Olive Hummus — as needed
  • Thinly sliced Cucumbers — as needed
  • Thinly sliced Avocados — as needed
  • Cherry Tomatoes (halved) — as needed (thinly sliced regular tomatoes can also be used)


    1. To make Hummus

    2. In a food processor or blender combine all the ingredients until smooth or to the texture of your preference.
    3. Store in an airtight container until ready to use.

To make Hummus Wrap

  1. If the tortillas were refrigerated, bring them to room temperature by either heating lightly in microwave or stove top for few seconds.
  2. Place the tortillas on your work surface. Spread hummus generously on the wrap. Place cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes. Wrap the tortillas into a tight wrap. Serve. Enjoy!!!

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