Oat Milk HoCho’

Oat Milk HoCho’
Sooooo this is probably the most basic recipe ever created, but we are sure there are some people out there that do not know how to make a healthy and super simple Hot Chocolate!

We love this warmvelvety – chocolaty – cinnamonny – ‘hug in a mug’ drink on a cold rainy day when nothing else will cheer us up but a good old chocolate hit.


One heaped teaspoon of loving earth organic raw cacao powder

Three drops of organic natural stevial sweetener (We use Nirvana Stevia)

Around half a teaspoon of cinnamon

1/2 cup of ‘Pure Harvest’ oat milk (we warm our milk with our electric milk ‘foamer’ that we normally use to foam the milk for coffees. If you are heating the milk on the stove, you will need more milk as you will not get the same volume as you would if your milk foams. Judge the milk on the size of mug you will be using)

Hot water


1) Place chocolate, cinnamon and sweetener in the mug with a dash hot water (enough to cover the dry ingredients). Stir well

2) Foam or heat up the oat milk

3) Add milk to the mug. Top the mug up with hot water. (Our milk tends to only fill the mug up 3/4 of the way- hence topping up with the hot water)

4) Give it a good stir!

4) Sprinkle with cinnamon. And voila – Enjoy this delicious HoCho on a cold rainy day (or any day of course)

You can also add a shot of organic rich coffee to make an oat milk Mocha! We like to do this on our lazy mornings with our nourishing breaky board!


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