Dorm Room Dinner: Chef Salad

Dorm Room Dinner: Chef Salad
Today would be Julia Child’s 100th Birthday!  I wish that I could have done a post to commemorate this, but right now things are heating up a bit close to home.  One thing Julia Child wrote in her memoir was how sometimes the most basic ingredients could come together to create a delicious dish.  In life, it also takes the right combination of ingredients to create a delicious and long-lasting love, like hers and Pauls.  Close to home, there is another love; tomorrow my younger sister, K is getting married.

K loves completely and without any trace of selfishness.  That’s what has always made her a wonderful sister, and now what also makes her a wonderful friend.  She truly wants the best for every single person.  Too often, she would throw herself out there and get hurt by people (who her older sister felt) weren’t worthy of her love.  When I would get hurt, I’d retreat, lick my wounds, and build my walls a little bit higher.  She would just try and try and try again.

I never understood it; I don’t think I ever will – we are just two different people in that way.  But I admire her for it – and I’m glad that she continued to put herself out there because otherwise she might have passed E right by.  They are a true love story – one that I know is meant to last a lifetime.

Last weekend, my aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th wedding
anniversary with a surprise party.  We realized
they had hit 50 years, another aunt and uncle, 40 years.  My own parents
have almost made 32 (just a few more weeks to go!), my cousins, 10+.
We are lucky to have so many wonderful relationships to look up to,
emulate, and work towards in our family.  Everyone always says it isn’t easy, but our family shows us how to make it work through good times and bad ones.   It’s inspiring – and humbling – to know we are part of a long tradition of long loves and close-knit families.

So tomorrow, while you go about your business, hug someone just a little bit tighter, say that extra “I love you” even when someone annoys the heck out of you (hey it happens), and be thankful for all the love in your life.  While you do that, I will be standing next to my sisters, my best friends, and watching two people I love commit to one another, forever.  I will gain a brother, my sister will gain a family, and her fiance will gain us, the crazy, loving, fun-filled clan.  Welcome to the family, E…you make a wonderful addition; really, you fit right in!

Chef Salad
Serves:  2
1/4 pound low-sodium ham
1/4 pound turkey
1/2 pound swiss cheese
1 carrot, shredded
1 cucumber, diced
1 plum tomato, diced
1 bag of lettuce (about 8-12 ounces)
Favorite Dressing (2 tablespoons per serving)

To make this dish fancy like John did, roll up all of the meats and cheeses and slice into 1/2 inch slices.  Keep the pinwheels together and set aside.  Meanwhile, toss carrot, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce with dressing of your choice.  Top with pinwheels and serve immediately.

Until the next time my oven is on…

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