Vegan Pumpkin, Date And Power Breakfast Cookies

Vegan Pumpkin, Date And Power Breakfast Cookies

We need to talk about the truth. I wonder, do you always tell the truth and when is it ok to NOT tell the truth?

Me… I only tell the truth, even when I lie.

I mean… there are times when a little white lie is called for, right? Your friend’s new baby looks like a mutant, you probably shouldn’t tell her that. But if her thick striped sweater dress makes her look like a woolly mammoth – you HAVE to tell her, maybe not in so many words, but she has to know, you would want to know right?

It’s ok to embellish the story about that recent episode on the metro, just to make it more dramatic/entertaining for the listener, but when your husband asks if those boots are new, and your heart starts racing and your pupils dilate as you flash back to when you hurriedly ripped the tags off and ran outside to scuff up the soles a little on the cement, you have to come correct, you just do. “Yes honey I just bought them, but they were on sale.”

Is it wrong that I tell homeless people I don’t have any cash, and that I can’t sign that petition because I’m from out of town and olive oil will pretty much cure any ailment, solve any problem, give your an hair impossibly silky bounce and make anything taste better. Same thing with garlic.

Oh, my parents are going tolove you! No, little sister I didn’t borrow and stretch out that sweater. Wow, these debates are so interesting.  Just taste this, its fat free, I promise.

I am starting to think this is something I need to work on…

Ok, let’s start with cookies. These cookies have nothing to hide. They are healthy and they taste it. You can eat them guilt free and without a doubt that they will fill you up way into the afternoon.

Even if you are silently wishing they were cider donuts with cinnamon glaze while you eat them.

1 ½  cups Rolled Oats

½  TS Salt

1 TB Flax Seeds

1TB Cinnamon

1 TS Allspice

1 TS Nutmeg

½ cup Brown Rice Flour

½  cup Chopped Almonds

1 cup Chopped Dates

1 cup Mashed Pumpkin

¼  cup Canola Oil

1 TS Vanilla

Combine all the ingredients in no particular order. Notice there is no dairy (like delicious cream or butter) and no eggs, so the only thing holding these babies together is the pumpkin.

That means when you shape them you’ve got to smoosh them a little or else they will fall apart.

Bake on a parchment lined cookie sheet in a 350° oven for 12 minutes.

Pack them to have with your morning coffee, HONESTLY.

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Eva Rosenberg

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