Sweet Pineapple Raita

A lot of grateful things have happened to me lately. I have finally found my long lost wedding ring and 2 of my posts, Spiced Scramble Egg Sandwich and Thai Red Curry Paste Fried Rice were featured on Foodbuzz Top 9 twice in the row. I felt so happy and exciting. I met more incredible foodie friends and my writing works seemed to run smoothly. Thanks you guys for always inspire me and keep coming back to read about our food and stories
We went to a sweet birthday part of a beautiful girl last Friday. She is our friend Sagar’s daughter. It was late at night but she was still running around mingling with friends and eating vanilla ice-cream cheerfully. She’s so cute and if I carried my camera, I would be busy taking her pictures. Another thing I fell in love with that night was the food. I couldn’t imagine myself enjoyed vegetarian meal that much but somehow I was very much. The Jeera rice was warm and aromatic, and the butter paneer (Indian cottage cheese) was so creamy and delicious. But what took me over the edge that night was a simple sweet pineapple raita. It’s my new favorite dish instantly.

Are you familiar with the words “Raita”? If you have been to any Indian restaurant you would see a section with the selection of different kinds of raita.

Raita is an Indian yogurt base condiment using as dip or sauce accompanied main dish or snacks. I’ve tried a lot of raita since I’ve been living in India, but haven’t come across the sweet and light version like this one.

I first confused that it may have been a dessert but I have seen people pouring it over rice and on the side of curry… ahhhh it supposed to be eaten that way and yummmm! I just poured the sweet smooth pineapple sauce over rice which has been soaked in the rich curry, and sometimes dip Pappad (crispy baked Urad Dal tortilla). It was a perfect blend and so well balance. The freshness of this sweet creamy yogurt with tiny juicy pineapple cubes lingered on the surface is the most delightful raita I have ever tasted, yet it is so rustic and simple.

Sweet Pineapple Raita


2 cup plain yogurt

1 cup fresh pineapple- cut into small cubes

3 tbsp sugar (adjust the flavor as you like)

A pinch of salt


Combine yoghurt, sugar and salt in the bowl and mix well until sugar is dissolved.

Add pineapple and gently mix.

Check the flavor and adjust as you like.

Serve as dip or sauce with your favorite aromatic Indian dishes.

This pineapple raita is sweet and fresh. Yaseen kept eating the spoonfuls continuously like dessert. My husband didn’t try the raita at the party, but he said my raita was very delicious and fresh. It’s officially a family favorite so I will be making this whole year

Have you ever tried Raita? How do you like it?

Take care

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