Strawberries And Cream Icecream

Strawberries And Cream Icecream

Ice cream and ice blocks are as much a part of a hot summer as mangoes and trips to the beach. One particular summer in high school we’d be having up to three Zooper-Doopers a day and a Paddlepop every other time our friends were together.


Although the ice blocks have long been replaced by frozen fruit pieces, ice cream has always been in the too hard category. When I think of ice cream, expensive, superfluous machines come to mind, or Mum whipping up mountains of cream and sugar into Italian coffee ice cream (okay, I admit I still can’t resist that one).


So, after many overly complicated and mixed attempts (pretty sure I made the world’s first savoury ice cream – it’s unpleasant), we present to you a simple vegan strawberries and ‘cream’ ice cream.

As always, this recipe is not limited to a single version. Use whichever fruit takes your fancy. If you’re not a coyo fan, simply replace with Greek yoghurt. For a twist, add some roughly chopped nuts to the ‘cream’.


Strawberries and Cream Ice Creams


(makes approx. 8)

2 cups chopped strawberries (or other soft fruits)

300ml coconut yoghurt

2 tsp vanilla essence

1 tbsp maple syrup

Almond milk to thin


  1. Blend fruit and set aside.
  2. Mix coconut yoghurt, vanilla essence and maple syrup in a bowl. If the consistency is too thick to pour into molds, add a little almond milk.
  3. Spoon fruit mixture and coyo mixture into ice cream molds, one large spoonful at a time. Add popsicle sticks.
  4. Freeze overnight and enjoy on a hot day.­

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Eva Rosenberg

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