Red, White And Blue Fruit Salad

Red, White And Blue Fruit Salad

This is an amazing fruit salad for any summer occasion, but
since we just celebrated the Fourth of July, I made this for the holiday
weekend! The fruit salad is tossed with a light dressing that is sweet and has
mint and a special ingredient to heighten the flavor.

The fruit is a combination of strawberries, watermelon,
blueberries and apples. I used diced apple as the “white” part, but you could
use bananas, jicama, or any other fruit. A word to the wise…if you do use
banana, make sure you add it into the salad as close to serving as you can because it will start to brown and get mushy.

As for the special ingredient…it ischili powder! Just a dash really brings out the flavors and balances the
sweetness of the fruits. The dressing is not too much to pour over the fruit,
but if you like the dressing and want to add more, just double the amount. This
recipe serves about 8 people.


4 cups sliced

1 tbsp sugar

2 cups blueberries

2 cups diced

1 cup diced apples

1½ tbsp lime juice

1½ tbsp honey

1 tbsp minced mint

⅛ tsp chili powder (optional)


After slicing, put strawberries in a large bowl and add
sugar. Toss to coat.

Add the remaining fruit (blueberries, watermelon and

In a separate, smaller bowl, mix together the lime juice,
honey, minced mint and chili powder. Pour over the fruit and toss it to coat.

This is a perfect recipe to bring to any cookout, BBQ, brunch or potluck…healthy,
delicious, light and it’s a good alternative side dish to the typical summer
grilling food. Enjoy!

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Eva Rosenberg

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