Frozen Chocolate Banana Lollipops

Frozen Chocolate Banana Lollipops

These are such an easy and delicious dessert without being too full of sugar! These are great to have in the freezer to eat on the go when you really crave something chocolatey and filling. They can also be dairy-free depending on the chocolate you use!


1 Banana
1 handful of Chocolate Chips
Optional extras: Walnuts or Sprinkles
Lollipop/Popsicle sticks


Peel and cut banana into even lengths.
Place Banana on sticks on a tray.
Place a pan with water to boil on high heat, and melt chocolate chips by placing them in a ziplock bag and placing the closed ziplock bag in the pan.
When the chocolate is melted, cut a small hole in the corner of the ziplock back to use it like an icing bag and spread the chocolate over the banana lollipops.
(Optional) Spinkles crushed walnuts or sprinkles on top before the chocolate hardens.
Place the banana lollipops in the freezer overnight so that they freeze and the chocolate hardens – then eat and enjoy!

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Eva Rosenberg

Eva Rosenberg

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