Fish Paste Egg Roll

Fish Paste Egg Roll

This Fish Paste Egg Roll is not only healthy and yummy, it is also a breeze to put together. Ultimate fastfood!

First thing is to get fresh fish paste. I’m lucky, I can easily buy some (already seasoned with salt) from the market. Second, beat 2 large eggs and fry them in a large, non-stick skillet over low heat. Make sure that the eggs set into a perfect circle for easy wrapping.

Next, carefully slide it out onto a chopping board. Be gentle so that you don’t tear it. To be safe, I usually fry only on one side, ie, no need to flip. Place the fish paste onto the fried egg and wrap it like you’re wrappingNgoh Hiang. Place it seamside down on a plate and steam on high for 20mins.

Remove from plate and slice thickly. You can have it with a dip, but really, it’s good enough to eat on its own. I usually serve this with a plate of stirfried veggies, and my simple meal is complete.

Fish Paste Egg Roll 1

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Eva Rosenberg

Eva Rosenberg

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