Delicious 3 Ingredient, No Carb, Protien Pancakes!

Delicious 3 Ingredient, No Carb, Protien Pancakes!
I’m a sucker for healthy, but I’m also a sucker for carbs. So what to do when I’m craving carbs but trying to keep on the health kick?

I’ve done a few variations of protein pancakes over the years but none easier then the recipe I’m giving you below, because it’s literally 3 ingredients…one of those being water.

Whatcha Need, Tools:


Mixing Spoon or Wisk

Frying Pan

Non Stick Spray or Butter

Whatcha Need, Ingredients:

Protien Powder (flavor of your choice, I like vanilla)

2 Eggs

Dab of Water

1. Take 2 eggs, 1-2 (preference) scoops of protein powder and mix together in a bowl.

2. Add 1 tbsp of water if needed, this really depends on how much protien you add. The goal is to have a thick mix but not too thick that you can’t easily spoon onto your pan.

3. Just like normal pancakes spray some non stick spray (or Kerrigold butter, my preference) and let it coat the pan on medium heat, then ladle your first pancake batter onto the pan.

4. When your edges begin to bubble it’s time to flip. Dollop and repeat till your done with your mix.

5. you’re done, simple, healthy, and carbless. Perfect for those of you on carb cycling or simply those who are staying clear of carbs in your diet. The best part is these taste on point in comparison to regular pancakes so dig in without the guilt!

I topped my with fresh figs and sprinkled some flax seeds into my mixture for a little extra health punch.

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Eva Rosenberg

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