15 Minute Chocolate Covered Nuts

15 Minute Chocolate Covered Nuts

There is one thing and one thing only that I can count on being in our cupboards at any given time: chocolate. My mother has imparted upon me the necessity of maintaining an everlasting supply of what we like to callemergency chocolate. This is good quality chocolate that will satisfy any craving with just a few pieces. However, emergency chocolate does not mean Nestle chocolate chips. Don’t get me wrong–Nestle has its place in chocolate chip cookies and some other baked items, but it doesn’t really satiate those cravings for something chocolate. Emergency chocolate is a definite step up.

So, what is our emergency chocolate? Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips (also known as Double Chocolate). They’re a higher quality oversized chip  that just happens to melt in your mouth. You can also buy them inthree pound bags at warehouse stores, which ensures that you will rarely run out. Whenever I crave chocolate, I grab about 10 chips and my life is complete.

However, sometimes it isn’t chocolate I’m craving (rare, but it happens). Sometimes I just want somethingsweet. This is almost always paired with no desire to expend energy to go get something or spend time in the kitchen. Plus, I usually want something now. Thus, I have had to be industrious when it comes to Feeding the Craving Monster. My industriousness usually centers around two items: fruit and my emergency chocolate. I have shared one of my fruit-centric creations, so tonight I will share a chocolate one.


A handful ofgood chocolate chips or chopped chocolate

A handful of nuts (pecans and almonds are good)

Piece of parchment or wax paper

Plate/baking sheet

Small bowl




1. Take 3/4 of your chocolate and microwave it for 40 seconds. Stir well. Zap for another 20 seconds. Do this until all or most of the chocolate is melted. Add the remaining chocolate and keep stirring. The majority of it will melt, but it’s okay if little pieces don’t. This should  temper your chocolate.

2. Dump nuts in bowl of chocolate. Mix around with fork.

3. With your fork, scoop out nuts and place on paper (which should be on a plate or baking sheet). You can do separate nuts, or you can do 3-4 nuts together. If you do 3-4 nuts together, make sure they are touching and have some excess chocolate so they bond together.

4. Stick in your freezer for 10 minutes to speed up the setting process. If you’re doing clumps of nuts, about 5 minutes in, flip those over so the inside can set faster.

Chillin’ in the freezer. You can see I flipped the big ones.

5. Indulge. And if you’re going to take pictures in a lightbox, be quick so they don’t start to melt!

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Eva Rosenberg

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