Healthy Egg Salad Makeover

Healthy Egg Salad Makeover

Lose The Guilt With A Healthy Egg Salad Makeover!

This recipe is on my short list of 10 awesome variations for Healthy Egg Salad!

Salad is one of the healthiest foods that always add more food value in your diet, but let’s be honest, lettuce isn’t the most flavorful dish, and doesn’t quite fill that spot for tasty summer side dishes! Now learn something new about your favorite salad. When it comes to egg special salad there is lots of delicious taste hidden in an egg salad. To make a tasty creamy and healthy egg salad you need some boiled eggs and little ingredients to make the eggs delicious with your main course food.

You can use low fat Greek yogurt to make the egg salad creamy and tasty. To prepare this delicious non-veg salad you will need mayonnaise, ¼ tablespoon black pepper, salt, fresh dill, lettuce and boiled eggs as you need. Always try to find strained yogurt to use in egg salad that is the reason the Greek fresh yogurt is perfect for this salad. You can use other yogurt also but you have to make it strained yourself.

To start this salad at first boil the eggs and cut them in half in a mixer bowl where you can smash them nicely. You can use a chopper or a knife to chop the boiled eggs. Do not smash them for a long time to let the yolk and white portion in little pieces. Once you are done with the eggs, focus on the other ingredients. Take the fresh dills and chop only the leaf portion not the stalk. While doing this take another bowl and pour the yogurt and mix the salt, pepper, mayonnaise, and at last also the chopped dills.

After mixing the yogurt, add the smashed eggs and use a fort or the other spoon to mix the egg with the yogurt. You have to keep mixing it until all pieces of eggs get marinated with the yogurt mix and get thick texture and that’s it, your healthy egg salad is ready to serve. While serving, you can use fresh lettuce leaf which will add more fresh and green flavor in it. The healthy egg salad can be served in the morning breakfast with bread as a sandwich. The fresh flavor of yogurt and the taste of healthy egg salad will fill the spot and give you a quick and nice breakfast every morning.

If you are not a big fan of sandwich you can also make it a Mexican style roll by simply folding with handmade bread. To make it more spicy and tasty you can add other fresh vegetable in the roll or maybe the little amount of sauce. Many people also like this tasty and healthy egg salad with their dinner. In that case you use fresh lettuce and cherry tomato and garnish them in a salad bowl. This yummy salad can be eaten with any type of food because it is neither so heavy nor hard to digest. You can also do it in the morning and serve it with breakfast. In case you have some extra healthy egg salad you can carry them for your lunch and also enjoy the yummy taste of mayo and egg even in your lunch with a great pleasure.

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