Tomato And Cannellini Bean Lamb Casserole

Tomato And Cannellini Bean Lamb Casserole

Yes yes, Spring is meant to be filled with lovely light dishes and salads and…I don’t know…soups? But when you’ve got a massive hunk of lamb in the freezer, and the yearning for home, casserole is probably the best thing ever.

And when it takes around 2 hours to cook, by the time you pull it out of the oven you’ve forgotten all about it and it’s a wonderful surprise. Unless you’reme, who can’t stand the wait, and prowls around for 2 hours, alternating between loitering by the warm oven and growling at it to cook faster. Slow cooking is so slow.

Recipe [of sorts] after the jump.

For 2 [quite hungry] people
big hunk of lamb [I used a rolled boned shoulder, you can cube this into big chunks or leave as is]
can of chopped tomatoes
medium brown onionm chopped
2-4 cloves garlic
black olives, sliced
cannellini beans

Literally the easiest thing ever. To start off with, stuff anchovies and garlic into the lamb. I know, it doesn’t sound very precise does it? Wellthat’s how I roll. Cut slits in the skin, and just stuff it in there, reserving one clove of garlic. Leave in the fridge for a bit, if you’ve been organised enough that you have time.

Brown the lamb off, remove from the pot and put to one side. Now sautee the onion and garlic until soft and translucent, and add the tomatoes, a couple of little leaves of rosemary, and the olives. Add the lamb back in and cook, covered, at about 140 celsius, for around 2 hours, or until lovely and tender. Not a lot of precision there, sorry. About 20 mins before it’s done, add the cannellini beans.

Didn’t I say it was easy?

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Eva Rosenberg

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