Sweet Corn Mayo Sandwich

Sweet Corn Mayo Sandwich
It’s very difficult to feed a vegetarian menu to my family these days. If there’s no piece of meat, it doesn’t feel like a meal. Though many great protein sources can be harvested from vegetarian ingredients, we love meat so much that it’s nearly impossible to make anything without meat.

A few years ago while traveling to Ajanta Caves, we asked our hotel to pack us some breakfast before checking out early morning. On the way when we wanted to have a picnic breakfast, we opened the bag and found out that the hotel had made all vegetarian breakfast for us, no egg, no sausage, just some plain bread stuffed with fresh vegetable. My sister was annoyed as said, “Well, are these sandwich made for cows?” But when she had a bite, she immediately repented her remark.

It was an eye-opening how simple vegetable could make something so fresh and scrumptious. From that moment we started to have faith in vegetarian food. And sandwich is just the simplest thing I can try composing the fresh ingredients together to make some vegetarian goodies.

Now, chicken mayo sandwich is our regular and favorite, but this sweet corn mayo sandwich is equally delicious. In fact, I preferred this more than the chicken version. I love the sweet juice busting out of the kernels while biting. It’s naturally sweet, fresh and light. I also used vegetarian mayo which I found very light and flavorsome. A couple of drops of hot sauce would kick this thing up to the next level as well. This sandwich is super easy to make, and the children just couldn’t get enough of it.

Sweet Corn Mayo Sandwich

Ingredients: (Make 4 Sandwich)

1 fresh sweet corn

3 tbsp vegetarian mayonnaise

1/2 tsp hot pepper sauce (Optional)

Some sliced onion

Some sliced lettuce

8 pieces bread

2 tbsp butter- softened


  1. Cut corn kernels off the cob using sharp knife. Steam corn kernels for 5 minutes or until cooked. You can also cook them in boiling water for 3 minutes, then drain and keep aside.
  2. Once the cooked corn kernels cool down, add some mayonnaise and hot pepper sauce to taste.
  3. To assemble the sandwich, spread butter on each slice of bread, spread corn-mayo mixture in the middle, add a handful of lettuce and some onion, and then finish it with another slice of bread.

Sweet Corn Mayo sandwich is very hearty but easy on your tummies at the same time. It is so sweet, fresh and super quick to make. I pack this in Yaseen’s tiffin box time to time, and he always finishes everything till the last crumb.


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