Stirfried Mixed Veggies

Stirfried Mixed Veggies

Whenever I peruse a restaurant menu, I will roll my eyes at Stirfried Mixed Veggies or Stirfried Seasonal Veggies. I really feel these are euphemisms for Stirfried Expiring Veggies, or Stirfried Odds and Ends, which you pay an outrageous price for. Any restaurant owner reading this, no offence ;P It’s my personal opinion.

Anyway, today I made Stirfried Mixed (ahem) Veggies with the following ingredients:

* 3-day old firm tofu (tau kwa) – half of a large square, cubed.

* 4-day old bean sprouts – just 2 pathetic handfuls left in the bag.

* 1-week old brinjal which I unearthed from the chiller (you can run but you cannot hide … muahahaha) – cubed.

* 2-month old dried cuttlefish strips (still plenty from the last time I made radish cake, but these keep well) – just a handful.

* 1-week old spring onions (just 1 miserable, wilting stalk left) – chopped.

To these “expiring soon” ingredients, I added 1 chilli (deseeded and sliced) and 2 shallots. I fried everything lightly in minimal oil, garlic, salt and a small shaving ofbelacan, which you can substitute with other flavourings, I suppose – perhaps ikan bilis (anchovies) powder or chicken stock granules?

And voila! Yummilicious Stirfried Mixed (ahem) Veggies, which don’t look their age! LOL.

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Eva Rosenberg

Eva Rosenberg

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