Roselle Ice-Tea

Roselle Ice-Tea
Whenever I went back to Thailand, the first stop was always a refreshing herbal/natural drink which is so easily to find in any corner of the streets. They are usually the small set up, on the table with beautiful shades of sweet herbal drinks line up in the glass jars. There are something from coconut punch, bale fruit tea, pandan leaves tea, roselle tea. White, brown, yellow, orange, green, red, pink, purple, every beautiful color is made with only pure natural ingredients.

Roselle (Hibicus sabdariffa) is a species of Hibicus commonly used for the production of fiber and herbal medicines. Roselle tea is famous in various parts of the world, and here in Thailand we love it sweet and chill.

Dried Roselle flower is commonly used for making tea and can be easily found in the market. I got this one from Mrs Farmers, homegrown and organic, slowly dried in sunlight. The flowers are dreadfully red but when they’re dried they become earthy carmine that almost purple. Mrs Farmers packed them neatly in the cute metal tins ready to be delivered to the market and shipped to several orders.

Roselle tea has numerous health benefits. It is good for reduction of cholesterols and also the healthy avail to weight loss. It helps in controlling high blood pressure and also benefit in various vascular system and digesting system. Roselle tea is also a mild diuretic and helps in the treatment of urinary tract infection. Roselle tea is said to have a positive effect on diabetic patients.

I sat up the pot of water on the stove, a handful of Mrs Farmer’s dried Roselle dropped in the boiling water and the crimson swirls surrendered in the bubbling whirlpool. Our pot flushed with deep red and the soothing aroma touched the air. Roselle tea has a pungent natural sourness which even more emphasized while adding sugar. It could be served warm or chill with some sugar and ice.

Roselle Ice Tea

Ingredients: (6 Servings)

1 little of water

6-8 dried Roselle flower

4 tbsp sugar or to taste

Ice for Serving


  1. Bring water to boil. Add dried Roselle flower and let it bubble further for 1 minute. The water should turn red instantly.
  2. Turn off the heat. (Here you can serve hot tea, with or without sugar)
    Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Let the tea cool down and serve chili with some ice.

I love the blossom red of Roselle tea with its pungent sourness against the lingering sweetness. It was so refreshing and healthy. The earthy fragrance of the flower fumed up with the vaporized chillness and also infused in the ruby sparkle drink.

We need to thank Mrs Farmers here for her healthy and organic Roselle ice tea. It was so delightful.

Mrs Farmers ships her organic Roselle tea along with other homegrown exotic ingredients anywhere in the world. The stores is going to be set up in Tes at Home soon in December. There will be a selection of exotic ingredients, arts, crafts, traditional cookware around Asia and vintage finds. Don’t forget to come back and check out your favourites here.

Have a beautiful day,

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