Prosciutto Kale Tomato Salad

Prosciutto Kale Tomato Salad

Confessions of a foodie: I dislike salad dressing.

My foodie card should be declined for such a gross travesty but I’m convinced that salad dressing (big offenders including Italian dressing and ranch dressing) is much grosser so I’m OK with that. Even when I tried to be one of the cool kids growing up eating carrots with ranch dressing, I was internally wincing at how gross it was. Does this mean I never eat salads? Of course not. I actually like salads a lot; just without salad dressing. This is probably why I’m more likely to eat a vegetable raw without thinking of dressing it or sautéing it in something. I’ve never liked the way the dressing just saturates the salad itself (or maybe I’m around people who drench theirs with it?) and then you can’t taste the salad content itself. It always bothered me actually. My mother has been prone to putting Italian dressing in her chicken marinades and it’s quite good but that’s chicken (and my mom’s chicken is always the best). But during those fancy dinners where it’s three course meals being served with salad as the first course? I’m that person at the table, stomach gnawing on the inside, with this little salad in front of me not eating it because it has salad dressing on it, with people asking me if I’m OK and likely thinking I’m being snooty because I don’t want to eat the salad. Sometimes if I can, I try to pick around where the dressing is and eat what I can just to pretend I’m “pacing” myself. I even quietly ask the waiter if they have any salads that don’t have dressing on it and I’m usually met with a no and the faintest scowl of disgust on their face. These are my struggles.


So true to form, this salad here doesn’t have salad dressing (though maybe it would be good?) but it does have avocado oil drizzled all up in it giving it this fresh crisp feel to it. There are brussels sprouts because like kale, I’m newly obsessed with using it. The smoked gouda was also part of this because smoked gouda is always a great idea. I splurged a little and tossed some prosciutto in because a) proscuitto is amazing and b) we should strive to put proscuitto on everything else in life that’s not just crackers. This salad was so good in fact that I even cut a croissant in half, slathered some Dijon mustard on it, stuffed the salad inside and toasted it all in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or so. Salads with versatility (and without dressing) that’s the dream to me.


1) Wash kale and brussels sprouts and put in large bowl.
2) Slice tomatoes and toss among kale and brussels sprouts.
3) If not already done, shred the Gouda cheese and add one cup to mixture.
4) Cut proscuitto slices into small pieces and pour into bowl.
5) Pour cup of avocado oil into the bowl and then with spoon or salad spoon tossers begin tossing kale, brussels sprouts, proscuitto bits and shredded cheese until well mixed.
6) Add last cup of cheese to mixture and serve.

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