Pineapple Tarts (Looking For The One)

Pineapple Tarts (Looking For The One)

I have been experimenting with different Pineapple Tart recipes recently, trying to see which ones appeal to my family’s tastes. We love a buttery, melt-in-the-mouth pastry. If you have a good, tried-and-tested recipe, or a particular brand of butter you swear by, please share it with me!

As for the all-important pineapple jam, I am sad to say I have never tried making my own. This year is no exception. I don’t think I can afford the time nor the energy, unless it’s a recipe which requires very little effort – like throwing everything into a slow cooker until it’s done. Is there such a recipe?

I always buy ready-made jam from bake stores or supermarkets. They aren’t all that bad, but they don’t blow you away either. But that’s OK with me because I like my pineapple filling sticky and jam-like (as opposed to the fibrous, paste-like type). So, I’ll stick to buying. Unless one of you out there can convince me to make my own this year? šŸ˜‰

Last year I made sometangerine-shaped tarts. They looked pretty but we all didn’t enjoy eating them because of the cloves. And did I mention they were painstakingly laborious to make?! In the end, I made another batch of plain ones which we all much preferred.

This year I guess I will stick to the regular open-faced ones. I saw this cute cutter at Phoon Huat a few days ago, quite by accident. It creates hearts all around the tart – an ideal design for this year’s Chinese New Year which falls on 14 February, ie, Valentine’s Day!

Unfortunately, the hearts are very clear on raw dough, but lose their shape somewhat after baking. Such a pity.

Another dilemma: To glaze?

Or not to glaze? That is the question.

Glazing makes the pastry look less “raw” but the downside is, it gives an uneven colouration. What do you think? I kinda prefer the non-glazed version better. Plus, it spells less work for me.

Here’s an idea for your Valentine’s Day dessert. Jam heart in the middle, surrounded by small hearts on the pastry. But you’ve got to quickly shape the jam when it’s still warm. Not a pleasant job, though – you end up with burnt finger tips. Do it only if you’re madly in love.

My daughter’s favourite bunny plate. She said it looks like the rabbit is wearing a hair clip on its ear. She interprets things exactly the way I do.

And the search for the perfect buttery Pineapple Tart continues. It’s me, really. My kids aren’t complaining. The entire batch I baked was polished off in 2 days!

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Eva Rosenberg

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