Milk Bread

Milk Bread

Milk bread for strong bones and healthy teeth. Get your loaf today! Do I sound like a commercial already? Haha, I made 2 mini loaves of Milk Bread on a lark this afternoon. By the time the bread was out of the oven, it was already evening. Which explains the awful colour of these photos. I hate taking food pics without natural light. It’s just so unflattering. Grrr …

But the bread … oh, the bread! It was pure addiction. Or is it the case for all freshly baked breads, I wonder? We couldn’t resist eating slice after slice, despite having just finished dinner. It was chewy, warm and just so wholesome!

One loaf down. Another one left for tomorrow’s brekkie. How does one ever go back to eating mass-produced breads? Sigh … what have I done?!


(Originally fromhere but I got it from here)

*Note that the recipe uses a bread machine which I don’t have and will never buy because I am short of space! I hand knead the dough for all my breads.

– 143g fresh milk

– 35g egg

– 25g caster sugar

– 5g salt

– 250g bread flour

– 4g instant yeast

– 38g butter (unsalted)

1. Place milk, egg, followed by caster sugar, salt, bread flour and yeast into the pan of the bread machine. Set to Dough function. Add in the butter after 8-10 mins into the kneading cycle. Continue to let the bread machine do the kneading. Stop the machine after the kneading cycle. Re-start the machine and let the dough knead for another 10mins before stopping the machine.

2. Remove dough from the bread pan, let it proof in room temperature in a mixing bowl, covered with cling wrap. Let it proof for 60mins.

3. Remove dough and punch out the gas. Divide dough into 3 equal portions. Roll and shape into balls.

4. Let the dough rest for 15mins (this is needed so that the dough will be easier to roll out and shape).

5. On a lightly floured surface, flatten one dough and roll out into a longish shape. Roll up the dough swiss-roll style. Do the same for the two remaining balls.

6. Flatten the rolled-up dough and roll out again into a long rectangular shape. Roll up tightly, and make as many rolls you can, swiss-roll style for the second time. Do the same for the two remaining balls.

7. Place dough in lightly greased bread tin/pan. Let the dough proof for the second time, until it fills up 80% of the tin/pan. Cover with cling wrap.

8. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180-190 degree celsius for 30-35mins.

9. Unmould the bread immediately when removed from the oven. Let it cool completely before slicing.

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