Lasagna Roll-ups With Tomato Bechamel

Lasagna Roll-ups With Tomato Bechamel

I know, I know.

Shavuos is like two days away. How many more yom tov recipes can you take? I’m hoping you can take just one more. Because lasagna roll-ups with tomato bechamel need to be your Shavuos appetizer.

Adjust your menu plans! Go grab some lasagna noodles from your neighbor! These are so worth it.

Speaking of lasagna noodles…if you live in Israel, you might have a hard time finding the ones with the curly edges. I know I did — but I also happen to have a wavy cutter, courtesy of Imma. So I just did a little trimming.

(The wavy cutter is actually meant for making ruffles chips. It’s awesome. I’ll tell you more about it in another post.)

Ok, where was I? These roll-ups are really simple, but they present really well. See, all you do is spread some filling on a lasagna noodle (leaving a border all the way around so it doesn’t ooze out the sides) and rollllllllll ‘er on up.

If you’re in a rush, I guess you could just use store-bought marinara. But if you can find just 10 minutes, make this tomato bechamel. It’s rich and creamy and delicious in the way that only really special homemade sauces can be. Also, it’s pink. Extra points there.

Did I mention yet that this recipe is just waiting for your variations? I kept it pretty basic for this version, but try adding spinach…or veggie meat…or pesto. Mmmmm.

The point is that you know you’ll love these. And that everyone at your table will love them. So plate them up individually, drizzle with extra bechamel and sprinkle on some parmesan (not pictured).

And then have extras waiting in the kitchen.

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