Healthy Pumpkin Mousse Pie for One [Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan]

Healthy Pumpkin Mousse Pie for One [Gluten Free, Raw, Vegan]

I don’t know about you, but I get huge cravings for pumpkin pie at least once a month – it’s my absolute favorite pie flavor and I only get to eat the real thing once or twice a year! But after eating this no-bake, raw, vegan, gluten free pie, I don’t think I will ever go back!!

Rather than make an entire pie that’s laden with unhealthy fats and sugars, I came up with this single serving, unbelievably healthy, light and dreamy pumpkin mousse pie that won’t weigh you down. After tasting one bite of this, you’ll have a hard time believing it’s actually good for you (but it is!!)! The pie “crust” is filled with healthy fats and carbs from nuts, amaranth, and dates, and the tofu mousse is also full of protein, fiber, carbs and plant-based fats to help keep you feeling satiated. I added Healthy Caramel protein ice cream to top the whole thing off perfectly (along with a few dark chocolate covered mulberries, because there has to be chocolate somewhere!!)

Serves 1

For the Crust, you will need:

1/2 tbsp unpopped amaranth
1/8 cup shelled pistachios
1 soaked, pitted medjool date
1/4 tsp cinnamon
about 1 tbsp warm water

Crust Directions:

Place your medjool date in a small cup of warm water.

Next, pop your amaranth. Heat a large sauce pan that has a lid (preferably clear so you can see the amaranth popping) over high heat until the bottom is extremely hot. Turn the heat down slightly and wait another minute, then pour in the amaranth. Immediately cover with the lid, and start shaking the amaranth around the bottom of the pan. It will pop very quickly, and you need to transfer to a bowl immediately once it stops popping to prevent burning.

Shell your pistachios and place them and the popped amaranth in your food processor. Pit your medjool date, break it apart with your fingers into small chunks and add it to the food processor. Add a bit of the warm date water to the processor then pulse a few times until it begins to form a sticky “dough.” Add the cinnamon, then continue to process until the crust is sticky. Scoop and press into the bottom of a small glass, about 1/4 inch thick.

For the Pumpkin Mousse Filling, you will need:

1/2 a block of firm or lite firm tofu (about 7 ounces)
1 tsp sweetener of choice (I used coconut sugar)
3-4 tbsp 100% pumpkin puree
1/2 tbsp plant-based milk of choice
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp psyllium husks

Pumpkin Mousse Directions:

Break the block of tofu into chunks and add it to your food processor. Add the remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Stop the processor a few times to scrape down the sides, ensuring all the pumpkin puree is fully incorporated. Continue to process until the mousse is smooth and airy. Scoop the mousse into your bowl, covering the crust.

For the Healthy Caramel Ice Cream, you will need:
1/2 – 1 RIPE, frozen and sliced banana (depending on how much room is left in your jar)
1-2 tbsp plant based milk of choice
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (about 30g)
1 tsp mesquite powder

Caramel Protein Ice Cream Directions:

Place the banana slices and milk in your food processor and process until it begins to smooth out. Add the protein powder and mesquite powder and process until incorporated. You may want to scrape the sides and bottom to fully incorporate all the powder. Scoop on top of your pumpkin mousse layer.

Place the entire jar in your freezer for about 5 minutes so the ice cream can set (and you can clean up!!) I topped mine off with raw chocolate covered mulberries, but cacao nibs or chopped pecans would be great options as well!

Dig in and enjoy!! đŸ™‚

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