Fruit Salad With Chaat Masala

Fruit Salad With Chaat Masala
I’ve just posted how to make Chaat masala at home in my previous post and It’s a spice mix I think you should try and have in your household. Trust me, it’s a recipe worth experimenting.

One recipe that could never go wrong with Chaat masala is fruit salad. I felt embarrassed to call it “recipe” because it is so sickly easy and quick.

The pungent scent and bold flavour of Chaat masala gives an interesting feel to the simple fruit salad. It challenges the palate making a slice of orange a divine symphony to the mouth.

Chaat masala isn’t spicy but a mild heat is enough to tickle your lips and make your tongue dance. The sharp taste of black salt make the fruit seems sweeter and fresher.

Since fruit salad is insanely easy, I wanted to present it a little bit more beautiful and fun. So I skewed cool, fresh, slices of fruit on the skewers and arranged them like flowers. We had the freshest orange and the peels smelled so beautiful, I stuffed them in the jar where they slowly releasing the sassy fresh fragrance over my lunch table.

My husband and son savoured these summer on sticks like chewy fudges. They were juicy, sweet, and fresh.

Fruit Salad with Chaat Masala


Fruits of your choice- peeled and sliced

Chaat Masala to taste


Sprinkle Chaat masala over fruits slices. Serve immediately.

Have a sweetest day

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