Edamame Dip & An Embarrassing Story

Edamame Dip & An Embarrassing Story

The first time I ever tried my hand at edamame dip was during the summer before my second year of college. I would buy large bags of shelled and frozen edamame on my infrequent (damn buses) trips to Trader Joes while also stocking up on meatless corn dogs and UFOs (oversized mint chocolate chips–they’re the best). I had seen someone make edamame guacamole on television and decided that given my vast supply, I would try it for myself. Only I didn’t have a food processor.

No one was around that summer as I holed up in my Berkeley apartment in an attempt to accomplish this should-have-been-easy feat. I cooked the edamame according to instructions and then tried to mash them up like I would an avocado. They were not very forgiving. Then I put them along with the other ingredients in the blender. Too chunky and not mixed well. I decided that my immersion blender would do the trick because it would blend where needed. So I dumped the mixture into a heavy and ugly bowl–the one I stole from the dining commons along with other dishes*–and got immersing. It exploded all over me and the kitchen.All over. Lesson: do not use an immersion blender unless you are also utilizing a deep bowl or pot with high sides. Cleaning up sucks.

While I gave up on edamame dip until today, I did not easily learn my lesson from the first fiasco. Not 3 1/2 years later did I do pretty much the same thing, except with hummus. Yep, brilliant law student that I was (overtired too, it was my first year), I decided to make hummus with the same appliance situation. My hummus was disgusting and left a mess over the counter and floor. I wasclearly in the need of a food processor and a little sleep.

After these ill-fated attempts, I still gave it a go today and it came out well. Now, gather ’round close–there is a secret to properly textured edamame dip.Overcook your edamame. Yes, overcook it. It’ll be softer and creamier and you could probably even make it without the food processor.

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*Look, sometimes you needed dishes in your dorm room — especially utensils and big cups. The DC was filled with ultra-sturdy silverware and those big plastic cups. They werebegging to be stolen. We all took a few. I, however, was the only one to steal one of the signs they put on the tables asking us not to remove dishes. It got hung in the hallway outside my door.

Edamame Dip

Makes 2 Cups

1 cup shelled edamame

1/2 cup red onion

2 cloves garlic

1/2 cup packed basil

3 Tbsp. plain greek yogurt

2 tsp. red pepper flakes

kosher salt

freshly ground pepper

Cook edamame according to instructions, but be sure to cook an extra few minutes so it’s softer. Place everything in the food processor and blend blend blend. Salt & pepper to taste. If you want a creamier consistency, add a little bit more yogurt. If you want a little more spice, add some sriracha–I would have but didn’t have any on hand. Great with pita chips and veggies.

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