Easy Vegan “Ice Cream”

Easy Vegan “Ice Cream”

I will warn you: this recipe may change your life like it did mine.  I love ice cream, I always have. But as I’ve gotten older, my stomach hasn’t always agreed.  I tried soy ice cream, which is quite tasty, but tends to have added sugar and other preservatives, so I decided that I needed an easy homemade version with few ingredients.  This one is perfect – make it in less than 5 minutes if you get a craving, and it’s totally customizable according to your favorite flavors.. Craving strawberry ice cream? Throw some in! Prefer chocolate? Add some cacao!  So easy.


photo 2 (9)

1 large ripe banana

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cacao powder (for chocolate flavor)

Toppings (optional): Buckinis, fresh fruit, chopped nuts, cacao nibs, the options are endless!


Slice the banana and freeze.  Since discovering this recipe, I make sure to always have some frozen banana in the freezer for when the mood strikes.  Wait until frozen, about an hour (tip: put the banana in the freezer before dinner and it will be ready when you’re ready for dessert!).

Put in food processor and blend.  That’s it!  If it’s quite frozen and needs some help, add a splash (1 tsp) of preferred milk at a time to help with the blending.  Continue for a few minutes and it will turn creamy and smooth.  I always add cinnamon because I love it, but this is optional.  You could enjoy it just like this, or add some chocolate or vanilla flavoring.  Add anything you like!  That’s the best part.

I like to top the “ice cream” with something crunchy because it’s so smooth.  Buckinis are small seeds sold in health food stores, but nuts or cacao nibs are perfect as well.  Try different flavors!

This recipe makes a medium-sized bowl, as pictured.  Enough for 2 if you’re feeling generous!

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