Creamy, Chunky, Crunchy Guacamole: Cinco De Mayo Edition Part I

Creamy, Chunky, Crunchy Guacamole: Cinco De Mayo Edition Part I

Creamy, Chunky, Crunchy Guacamole!

Last week, my friend and Dichi’s Plate contributor, Abena, was in town! We both had busy schedules and had to plan extra hard to hang out. Story of our lives. Sigh. Anyways, we managed to squeeze in time for sushi, because, #1 priority. We then planned two fun Cinco De Mayo posts on guacamole (of course!), that we’re excited to share with you!


Diced veggies for guacamole

Keeping with the simple and delicious theme, she made a guacamole dish that is best served with blue corn chips. I made guacamole with a sweet twist, using mango that you can check out HERE, and is just as easy to make.

For this first easy peasy guacomole recipe, you just need a few ingredients to dice or chop and sprinkle. Then mix in a bowl and serve immediately, or chill in the fridge and wait to share with friends later in the day, if you can resist the urge. It took serious will power to wait for my fellow Game of Thrones fans to come over before eating last night. Good luck!

Salsa seasoning

Guacamole in progress

The best part of this recipe is that you adjust the ingredient quanities according to your taste and add more ingredients like cooked shrimp! Have fun with it, and dont forget your blue corn chips! They are THE BEST with this guac.


Thanks Abena for sharing this recipe! My people, add this to your cinco de mayo food menu. It’s quick, delicious and stress free! I’m a witness. Have fun!

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