Chicken Red Curry With Bamboo Shoot

Chicken Red Curry With Bamboo Shoot
Lately, I’ve been day dreaming about my childhood, when the world was simple and full of adventure. I love every part of this memory, but most especially, I adore anything that involves going to the forest. Like wild mushroom picking, finding bamboo shoots on the mountains was so much fun. On the weekend, my mom and dad used to take me to a bamboo shoot hunt. It’s something most villagers do in the flourishing season. We plucked tons of fresh bamboo shoots from the forest, and they ‘re processed and preserved. In one bamboo shoot hunting trip, we could have a three month supply of bamboo shoot for salad, curries and more. I miss a sustainable life like that. Sadly, these days my bamboo shoots come from supermarkets.

Canned bamboo shoots are good in curries, stir fries, broths and salad. One of my favorite recipe using bamboo shoots is a simple chicken curry with sliced bamboo shoots swirling in the thick gravy. It’s very easy to make. Bamboo shoot gives some kind of punch and texture to the curry. This is a very typical Thai dish you’ll find in most fresh markets in Thailand. Try it. You will enjoy it with some hot rice.

Chicken Red Curry with Bamboo Shoot


Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 1

300 gm chicken- sliced

100 canned bamboo shoots- washed and sliced

1 cup coconut cream

1 cup chicken stock

1 tbsp Thai Red Curry Paste

A few kaffir lime leaves

Sugar and fish sauce to taste

1 tbsp oil


Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 2

In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, heat oil and stir fry Thai Red Curry Paste until fragrant.

Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 3

Add chicken and fry it for a minute or so or until the outside turns white and firm.

Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 4

Add chicken stock and half of coconut cream. Cook further until the curry starts boiling.

Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 5

Add bamboo shoot and cook further for about 10 minutes or until the chicken is cooked.

Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 6

Season with sugar and fish sauce. Add the rest of coconut cream and tear in some kaffir lime leaves. Cook the curry until it is about to boil and turn off the heat. Check the seasoning once again and serve.

Chicken curry with bamboo shoot 8

Now you can enjoy this curry with some hot rice.


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