Chicken And Cashew Nut Rice

Chicken And Cashew Nut Rice
When we visited Kerala last week, I noticed the cashew nut flowers blossomed all over the rich green forest. They beautifully brought more lives to the plain green jungle.

Theses tiny flowers soared above the foliages to embrace the hot sun light and attract bees and butterflies.

We discovered a bunch of young cashew nut fruits hidden between the handsome branches. Soon enough, every limb would bow down with the weight of heavy juicy fruits and nuts.

Cashew nut is one of the important and favorite ingredients in my kitchen. I used it a lot to give a good crunch to my simple stir fried dishes, in the cookies and other desserts.

Whenever I see cashew nut, I couldn’t help thinking of a dish I discovered in university campus in Thailand. A friend suggested me to try chicken and cashew nut rice and I was hooked at first bite. The rice was so soft and flavorful. The chicken was tender and perfect. The cashew nuts gave a wonderful nutty flavor and crunchy texture to this exquisite dish.

I make chicken and cashew nut rice really often as it is everybody favorite and really quick to make. When we made this dish for vegetarian guests, we substitute chicken with mushroom and it’s so delicious, too.

Chicken and Cashew Nut Rice

Ingredients: (4 servings)

2 cup rice- washed and drained

200 gm boneless chicken- sliced

50 gm cashew nut- raw

4 cloves garlic minced

2 tsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp ground white pepper

1 salt or to taste

3 cup chicken stock

1 tbsp oil


Heat oil in the medium pot over the medium heat.

Add cashew nut and stir until golden brown. Keep aside.

Add garlic in the same oil and sauté until golden brown.

Add chicken and stir for few minutes.

Add soy sauce, white pepper and give it a quick stir.

Add rice and chicken stock.

Bring to boil and simmer with cover for 5 minutes or until rice is cooked and tender.

Turn off the heat. Add cashew nut and stir gently with fork.

Keep aside for another 1 minute with the lid on before serving.

This recipe is fool prove. My husband and son adored this tasty crunchy rice dish. We love digging for the lightly burnt crispy rice at the bottom of the pot, it reminded us of baked clay pot rice in Malaysia. The cashew nut is the supper star in the dish so I have to make sure everybody have the equal amount of cashew nut while serving before they start fighting for it at dinner table :)

When I talk about chicken and cashew nut rice, I need to mention the dessert that goes along with it so well. It’s Deep Fried Lime Ice-cream! I am not kidding! I repeat… Deep Fried Lime Ice-cream! I know you are curious now :)

I will post the recipe and pictures later.

Take care,

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